From the Streets to the Sky; body and mind as one. Pushing limits to new dimensions, and I’m here to share it with you. Searching for the light to face the darkness; True Strength, True Beauty, True Love, and True Freedom. This is Vinnie Harned’s Blog.

My goal here is to inspire and equip you to spread the gospel and glorify the kingdom of God.

As many of you already know, I’m the president of Creation Astronomy Now, a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding the evidence of the designer in the universe. I’m also part of the team at Creationist Company, a Parkour/Freerunning athlete, and a 3d artist specializing in the free open source software Blender.

What most of you probably don’t know is that behind this display of strength and confidence lurks strong feelings of inferiority. When I was a little kid, I was shy and quiet. I still am for the most part. Most people took this lack of words to mean that I was unintelligent and then they have that at the core opinion of me. A prophet is not without honor except among those who remember him as a kid.

This is the reason why I am incapable of being friends with anyone that I grew up with. Recently I’ve started meeting people at conventions and I can open up to these people. But the ones who’ve seen my past revive my feelings of inferiority.

Of course, I sometimes recognized this problem, and sometimes attempted to fix it. But anytime I tried pushing myself it seemed that I just messed things up and double my feelings of inferiority.

But there were a few advantages to this. Because I was brought up homeschooled and was unpopular among everyone else, I had plenty of time to think. That’s the way I was able to come up with the ideas that I have today. If it hadn’t been for that I might never be the person I am now.

When I was younger I used to like to play chess. Then Joe beat me so bad that I stopped and haven’t played since. This may seem sad, but that’s the way many men are. If a man feels like he’s a loser in one area, he’ll give up and search for an area where he can win. That’s what I did. I found that, although I was terrible at any kind of socialization skills, so I went to the brain game. And guess what happened: my socialization skills got better!

Suddenly it all clicked into place and I actually started to develop and come out of my shell. I’ve looked at my original videos and am shocked to see how quiet I talked. I was trying to copy styles that weren’t mine. But now I’ve discovered what my style is and can develop it and bring it out.

But most importantly, I discovered that God had a plan for me. I still don’t know exactly what that plan is, but I’ve learned to be patient and follow his guidance. God has a job for everyone to do as Christians and we need to be preparing for when that call comes. That’s why I do what I do.

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Vinnie Harned
Dude Might be Duende (DMBD)



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